Kate Miller was a well-known competitor, demonstrator and pro for Playmaxx/ProYo She was a featured yo-yoer on “Enter the Yo Zone X-treme Yo-Yo Video” . in additon she was a member of World Team Proyo, along with Hans Van Dan Elzen, John Higby, Ben McPhee, and Julius

On May 16, 1999, at 7:10 PM Kate Miller broke the World Sleep Record of 7:08 with a time of 8 minutes and 21 seconds in the company of the staff from Golden Apple Comics. Time was witnessed and verified on two separate chronographs. Matt Owen summarily beat this record at 10 minutes and 18 seconds at the Fourth Annual World ProYo Championships in Mesa Arizona on 18 July, 1999.

Signature Yo-yo



  • May 16, 1999, at 7:10 PM set new World Sleep Record of 8 minutes and 21 seconds besting the previous time of 7:08 by over a minute using a Cold Fusion.
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