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Kenichi Nakamura

Alias Nakamura-Meijin/Master Nakamura
Resides Japan
Affiliation Team High Performance (former)
YoYoStyle 1A
Playing Since Mid-1990s
Known for Famed Hyper Yo-Yo Pro Spinner
Performing the Spider Baby
Fictionalized persona in Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo

Kenichi Nakamura A.K.A. Nakamura-Meijin (Japanese: 中村名人, translated: Master Nakamura) is a Japanese yo-yo player and a former member of Team High Performance, and was one of the driving forces behind the Hyper Yo-Yo boom alongside the likes of Alex "Warp Speed" Garcia. During the 1990s, he was one of the most famous among the Japanese Hyper Yo-Yo Pro Spinners.

His signature yo-yo trick is the Spider Baby, which is also the subject of a humorous Japanese internet meme. The meme is based on a scene in the Japanese manga, Moero Spinner (the predecessor to Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo), where Nakamura performed the trick in front of the protagonist with a proud face and oversaturated linework.

In 2011, Yoyomonster produced his new signature yo-yo, the 3Points, a miniature aluminum yo-yo designed and named in reference to Pi. He had also made an appearance at the 2012 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest alongside Alex Garcia.

In November 2014, he was one of the contest judges for the 44CLASH yo-yo competition, alongside Yu Kawada and Atsushi Yamada, both of whom were also members of THP Japan. He had also competed in the Fixed Axle division of HamaCon that year, taking 14th place.

In August 2015 at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Tokyo, Japan, Nakamura made an appearance in his old THP teal shirt, alongside the 1999 Worlds trophies, and coming on stage for the THP Japan reunion. In addition, he had judged for the 2015 44CLASH Battle Tournament, which was also held during Worlds that year.

In 2016 at HamaCon, he once again participated in the Fixed Axle division, this time, taking a more respectable 4th place finish than with his performance two years prior.

In 2021, Turning Point released a new signature model for Nakamura, a metal yo-yo inspired by the old Yomega Stealth Raider, the Stealth Remix, which has Nakamura's autograph on one side of it.

Signature Yo-yos[]


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  • 2000 Hyper Yo-Yo Japan Championship - No information



  • Hamatatsu Yo-Yo Contest - Fixed Axle Division - 14th Place
  • Judged at 44CLASH


  • Judged the 44CLASH Battle Tournament at Worlds


  • Hamatatsu Yo-Yo Contest - Fixed Axle Division - 4th Place

Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo[]

Nakamura-Mejin also has a fictionalized persona (voiced in the Japanese version by Shin-ichiro Miki) in Takashi Hashigushi's manga and anime series Supersonic Spinners (also known as Super Yo-Yo), in which he often entered a scene by coming out of the restroom.




【yoyo TV】200511 中村名人 on morning show

Nakamura-Meijin making an appearance on Oha Suta, featuring the Hyper Dragon. Video by hyperraider0.


【yoyo TV】1999 Nakamurameijin on KoreaTV

Nakamura-Meijin with the members of Team High Performance on a South Korean TV news segment about the yo-yo boom. Video by hyperraider0.


ヨーヨートリック スパイダーベイビー by 中村名人

YoYo Family video of Nakamura-Meijin performing the Spider Baby. Video by YOYO FAMILY WEB.


2000年JCS九州 中村名人デモ

Nakamura-Meijin performing at the 2000 Hyper Yo-Yo Japan Championship. Video by kazuhanyoyo.


ハイパーヨーヨーWEB全国大会 中村名人応援メッセージ

Nakamura-Meijin support video for the Hyper Yo-Yo web national convention. Video by BoyToysPark.



Nakamura-Meijin autographing a copy of Supersonic Spinners Vol. 2. Video by officialyoyotw.