Twin Twirler
Kusan Twin Twirler Front
Manufacturer Kusan
Release date Early 1950s
Shape Modified (Unique)
Color Various
Weight 33.8g
Dimensions Diameter: 47mm
Width: 45mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Fixed metal axle
Response system N/A
First introduced in the early 1950s at the New York Toy Fair. Kusan had made arrangements with the patent holder of a novelty combination yo-yo/spin top toy, hence the name Twin Twirler. Some Twin Twirlers have finned faces (Falcon), others have concentric circles (Flying Eagle), still others are sleek and smooth (Bat), but they were always made of plastic. Although the Twin Twirlers sold well, they were only produced for two years. It is one of the inspirations for Project 213.


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