Kyle Weems is a modder, machinist, and former employee of Infinite Illusions. Kyle manufactures yo-yos under the name Kyo, known for metal yo-yos such as the Immortalis, Phi and TiPhiter.

Kyle Weems also had a hand in the design of the Duncan Screaming Eagle Line product, the Vendetta.

He designed a machined aluminum version of the Freehand which was released at Worlds 2005. Later, a second run of this yo-yo was re-designed and released at the Immortalis 2.

He also designed the Cyclotron, Alph, DNS, and TiPhiter 2.

As of 2015, Kyle is hosting a new, design-it-yourself yo-yo manufacturing service at Kyo Toys.

In 2016 he released the first Magnesium and Steel dual bi-metal, the Death Robot Mg.

In 2018 he released the first Diamond Coated Titanium yoyo, the Tinman.

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