Manufacturer Kyo
Release date 2004
Shape Butterfly
Color Black
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Material Aluminum
Bearing size N/A
Response system N/A

The Immortalis (short for Immortalis Rota, which means "immortal wheel" in Latin) was the first commercially sold yo-yo from Kyo, and one of Kyle Weems' first yo-yo designs. A total of 80 pieces were made, of which 50 were sold exclusively through Infinite Illusions. Shipping began on July 20th, 2004.

It has a Freehand-inspired Butterfly profile machined out of aluminum and anodized in either black or red. Its most distinctive feature is that it could accommodate the plastic side caps of the Duncan Wheels yo-yo. Considering that this yo-yo was inspired by Stan Zygo's aluminum Wheels, this is not surprising. It also features a ball bearing axle for long spinning, and response pads.

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