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Loop the Loop
Trick also known as Inside Loops
Type of Trick Regeneration
Invented by Classic
Difficulty RedStar.JPGRedStar.JPGRedStar.JPGGreyStar.JPGGreyStar.JPG


This is one of the few tricks, that you really need a responsive yo-yo for. Some kids with their ultra unresponsive aluminum yo-yos might frown on that fact, but Loop the Loop is still one of the all time greatest crowd pleasers. It also is one of the very few tricks, that you can perform effectively on a stage. There are no complex string figures that can only be appraised by audiences less than ten yards away from you.

The effect is that of the player having the yo-yo on a rubber band, slinging it around his throw hand.

In many contests, this trick has served as a tie breaker. The player managing to throw the most loops was declared the winner. These days this has been replaced by Trick Ladders.

Personal thoughts of a YYW editor
HB - You probably have already noticed, that this is one of my favourites. :-) As there are things happening in this trick in the wink of an eye, I fired up my new swiss made high speed yo-yo photon collider, to capture some of the more exciting and mystifying moments.



Step 1: Start as with a Forward Pass, by throwing the yo-yo...


Step 2: ...forward. In this picture the yo-yo rotates clockwise!


Step 3: It will usually sleep for a fraction of a second...


Step 4: before being tugged back towards the player.


Step 5: When it comes back, ...


Step 6: ...you do not catch it, but you bring your hand down, letting the yo-yo swing over...


Step 7: ...and around it.


Step 8: While the yo-yo rounds your throw hand, flick the hand forward, slinging the yo-yo away from you again. The yo-yo will now start to unwind again, changing direction of spin.


Step 9: This is the moment, where the high speed camera comes in handy (steps 8, 9, and 10 are only a 60th of a second apart), as it captures the moment, where the yo-yo flips around. You read correctly, the yo-yo flips around. Until now, the white side of the yo-yo was facing us, now the dark side is beginning to show (pun intended.)

Click on the photos to enlarge.


Step 10: The yo-yo has completed its flip, and is now rotating clockwise once again.


Step 11: Once more sling the yo-yo forward...


Step 12: ...up...


Step 13: ...up...


Step 14: ...and back towards you. Note, that the yo-yo should be slanted slightly sideways. Do not panic, it is supposed to do this, it actually helps with the flipping around on the next loops.


Step 15: Once more, sling the yo-yo...


Step 16: ...around your throw hand.


Step 17: Here's the flip again. The dark side makes way for the white side. :)


Step 18: Down...


Step 19: ...forward...


Step 20: ...and, once you have done enough loops, you can catch the yo-yo from below.


There are loads of variations of this trick. Here's a list of some of them:

  • Three Leaf Clover - Throw the first loop 45 degrees upwards, the second one level, and the third one 45 degrees downwards. Catch.
  • Outside Loops - Basically the same as Loop the Loop/Inside Loops, only the yo-yo is slung around the outside of your throw arm. This can be alternated with inside loops.
  • Hop the Fence Loops - Looping downwards, a bit like Hop the Fence.

Further Reading

Shawn Fumo has compiled an excellent set of articles about looping: [1]