Manufacturer Luftverk
Release date United States: December 6th, 2015
Europe: December 7th, 2015
Shape Step Round
Color Navy (glass dust anodized)
Bronze (glass dust anodized)
AMS2488 Type II
Raw (Octavia R)
Torched (Octavia HB)
Navy Splash
Bronze Splash
Clear Splash
Weight 65.6 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54.5mm
Width: 43.3mm
Material Titanium
Bearing size Size C Double Straight (NSK Micro Platinum)
Size C Concave Ceramic (AMS2488 Type II)
Response system CBC Large Slim Pads
Honey String Pads (Large Slim)
The Octavia is the second yo-yo released by Luftverk Titanium Supply Co. It was released in December 2015.


Since the release of the Evora, Luftverk had undergone the development process of the Octavia. Like the Evora, it is made of Grade 5 titanium alloy, but this time it used a Step Round body profile. It also comes included with a very high-end NSK Micro Platinum DS bearing for superior performance, along with adhesiveless, Hungarian-made Honey String Pads in the 19mm Large Slim size. As with the Evora, the AMS2488 Type II finished version features a full-ceramic bearing for unprecedented sleeping performance.

The Octavia was first teased on Luftverk's Facebook page, in the form of a photo of the prototype catching rain in Madrid, Spain. It had then made an appearance in a promotional video of the Czech National Yo-Yo Contest. The yo-yo was then released in the United States on December 6th, 2015, and in Europe a day later. It had sold out within a week of its release, and was met with critical acclaim.

One final run of 14 splash-anodized Octavias were released on the official Luftverk website on October 19th, 2016. It not only acts as a send-off to the Octavia model, but this also marks the first time that a titanium yo-yo was finished with a splash anodization.


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