The Mach 5 is a frontstyle string trick which gives the illusion that the yo-yo is floating while the hands rotate around it in a continuous circle. It has been used in Trick Ladders and compulsories for many years, by itself or as part of the Three Seven combo. This trick was created by former Team High Performance member Alfred Pacheco.


Mach 5 begins with a Split Bottom Mount.

Next, do an underpass with your free hand, under the yo-yo, toward you, and back up. Make sure your yo-yo hand is half-way (vertically) between the yo-yo and your free hand.

Bring your free hand away from you and down so that the yo-yo is suspended between your two hands.

Now rotate both of your hands around the yo-yo at the same time for as many revolutions as you'd like. The key to having it look nice is for the yo-yo to be half way between your hands, to keep the string taut, and for your hands to move smoothly around. You want the yo-yo to stay in exactly the same place as your hands rotate.

To end the trick, when your yo-yo hand is closest to you and your free hand farthest, bring your hands together and pull your throw hand index finger out of the loop. Now do any dismount that you'd do for a Braintwister.

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