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Manufacturer MadHouse
Release date February 2011
Shape Step Round
Color Various
Weight 65.73 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C
Size A (13 units made)
Response system Flowable Silicone

The EPIC, first released by MadHouse in February 2011, is the first of their yo-yos with stack-style side caps which they call "TA-Tas". TA-Tas is an acronym for Trajectory, Assimilation. Trajectory meaning the path of a projectile or other moving body through space, and Assimilation being the incorporation of new concepts into existing methods.

The yo-yo was designed by Nick Pelham and Rick Kroytz. They developed the EPIC specifically as a stack-style player. They have said that "the EPIC with TA-Ta technology was specifically designed to push stack play to the next level." The main difference between the EPIC and most other stack-style yo-yos (such as the YoYoFactory G5) is that the string can get stuck in the stacks and the catch zone is too small. So, the team at MadHouse created a large spinning side cap to address both of these issues, there is no area for the string to get behind the cap and the catch zone is large, smooth and concave for ease of catching.

They also addressed the area of how to connect the TA-Tas to the main body, by using button head screws. They went with this style instead of the O-ring because when the user pinches a yo-yo with O-rings, they flatten out a little and act like a brake to slow the yo-yo down. They found that the metal-on-metal system they used on the EPIC has less friction and therefore, longer spins while the stacks are pinched. Lastly, using button head screws addressed the issue of how over time the O-rings holding stacks on were slowly wearing down from use. This, along with the ability to anodize and laser engrave the caps, was perceived by them to be the best possible system.


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