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The Metal Skyva is a yo-yo released in 2017 by MagicYoYo.


As the name would indicate, it is a metal version of the best-selling Skyva, featuring a 6061 aluminum alloy body designed with the help of Jeffery Peng that is a given a beautiful and smooth blast finish. Slightly large at 58mm in diameter, it gives the feel of a big spin with great stability.

The fingerspin side faces of the original Skyva remain the same, this time machined from POM plastic. Not only do they serve as fingerspin cups as in the original, but they also serve to further control the yo-yo's weight distribution.

The Metal Skyva also features a C-Size Center Trac bearing to center the string for advanced- to professional-level string play, in addition to 19mm OD LuftPADs for its response system.