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Mark McBride ("Bride") is the author of The Yonomicon and founding member of 40 Watt Halo, a clothing/sticker design company dedicated to the skill toys community. He is a former Yomega demonstrator and has worked at Infinite Illusions. Mark is credited with the invention of AAA and has developed some of the first tricks in this style of play, including Velvet Rolls. Mark wrote a comprehensive history of AAA that is located at the Glass Lab.

Mark is a member of Duncan Crew World-Wide and puts his extensive experience with video shoots, video editing, and producing to good use by acting as cameraman/director/producer in most of Duncan's video productions, including:

In addition to the Duncan video work, he also acts as a cameraman in the World Yo-Yo Contest range of VHS tapes and DVDs, as distributed by Infinite Illusions.

McBride also hosts the wheel of penalty every year at the World Yo-Yo Contest.

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