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Manufacturer Milton Bradley
Release date 1988
Shape Flat Rim
Color Various
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Material Plastic
Bearing size Fixed plastic axle
Response system Holes

The Yo-Go is a yo-yo-like skill toy produced by Milton Bradley in 1988. Originally, it was made with a slimline profile, not much wider than a standard yo-yo of the time. It was re-released later on with a wider profile, making it easier to catch on the string, along with colorful paper inserts on the side faces.

The Yo-Go is large in diameter, and the idea behind it, is that the player can perform diabolo-like tricks by manipulating the string as with a regular diabolo except without the handsticks.

This, along with similar toy products such as the Duncan Jo-Jo line, can be considered the spiritual predecessor to the modern offstring yo-yo.


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