Modern Responsive is an umbrella term for the unique style of play practiced by fans of responsive yo yos in the the unresponsive era. Sometimes also called 0A (Zero A), it revolves around tricks like stalls that are usually performed with fixed axle or responsive yo yos.

A large part of this style owes to Ed Haponik and his devotion to fixed axle play, including his resolution to only use a single fixed axle yo yo for all of 2012. Since then, his continued support of fixed axle led to Fixed Axle Friday on Yo Yo News, along with Drew Tetz and, more recently (2018), the bandalores project on instagram which features short and sweet responsive tutorials by the likes of Drew, Ed, Doctor Popular, and Kyle Nations.

Another notable player in the modern responsive space is Spencer Berry who created the Walter and Theodore yo yos to suit his own style of responsive play.

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