Mongu is a fictional character created by Rodrigo Yokota in June 2005. It is best known for the Mongu plush dolls first hand-made by a friend of Rodrigo's, Denise, and later manufactured by Duncan, who purchased the character rights in December 2005.

The number of both versions of Mongu plush dolls is quite small. The Duncan version has so far only been used for promotional purposes. It is currently unknown if it will ever become a regular Duncan product.

Mongu was also featured on the back of the Duncan Crew shirts distributed during the Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Championships in 2005.

As a special for the 2008 National Yo-Yo Day Celebration, Duncan Yo-Yos made Mongu plush dolls available for free with every order from their website over $20, for the entire week of June 6th to June 13th 2008.

Mongu has also been immortalized on a limited edition FH Zero and the Duncan Raptor.

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