Manufacturer MonkeyfingeR Design
Release date December 15th, 2014
Shape H-Shape
Color Various
Weight 69 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 58mm
Width: 43.65mm
String Gap Width: 4.35mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C 10 Ball
Response system MonkeyfingeR Monkey Snot (compatible with 19mm OD/Large Slim pads)
The Caesar is a return top that was first released on December 14th, 2014 by MonkeyfingeR Design. In Summer 2017, new color schemes for the return top were released on


Designed by Chris Allen, the Caesar is an H-shaped return top with trumpet-like curves, developed for competition-level string play. The main idea behind it is that it's fast, aggressive, versatile, and capable of handling a three-minute-long stage performance without any unneeded gimmicks. While fairly heavy at around 69 grams, the Caesar's body design distributes the weight in such a way that makes it play fast, spin longer, and is stable on the string.

It also comes in the typical multi-colored finishes, with a blasted catch zone and polished side faces. The catch zone itself is wide open, making the return top easier to land on the string. It also features the usual 10 ball C-bearing and Monkey Snot flowable silicone response.


Making Caesar

Making Caesar

Making of the Caesar. Video credit to the official MonkeyfingeR YouTube channel

Caesar Competition YoYo-0

Caesar Competition YoYo-0

Caesar in action. Video credit to the official MonkeyfingeR YouTube channel



  • The Caesar is named after the ancient Roman Emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar. Caesar is also the name of the main protagonist of the Planet of the Apes franchise.

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