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MonkeyfingeR Design (MFD for short) is a manufacturer of high-end metal return tops based in Canada. It was first started in 2010 by Ray Smith. The company is best known for producing return tops that feature bold body profiles and exotic multi-colored finishes, designed by players for players. It also produces and sells its own flowable silicone product specifically for return tops, called Monkey Snot, and comes in ten different colors.

Starting in 2015, they had also begun selling their return tops with customer-requested anodization jobs. The same year, they had also introduced their high-end REvolution and Tasmanian Tornado bearings. In 2016, in addition to their return tops, MonkeyfingeR began collaboration with Aroundsquare to develop a specialized begleri toy, the Wukong (named after the Chinese mythical figure, Sun Wukong the Monkey King).

Product Listings[]

Return Tops[]

Parts and Accessories[]

  • Monkey Snot flowable silicone
  • Buff return top polish
  • TOP 3 yo-yo bag
  • Gorillius Lubricus lube
  • Vines string
  • REvolution bearing
  • Tasmanian Tornado bearing
  • 10-ball C-bearing
  • The PIC 2.0 tool
  • Rhino multi-tool
  • MonkeyBARs (accessory for KOKOnutz begleri)
  • Bumperz (accessory for KOKOnutz begleri)
  • MonkeyCHORDS (for begleri)


  • Wukong (begleri skill toy, collaboration with Aroundsquare)
  • Ape Grapes (begleri)
  • KOKOnutz (begleri)
  • Executive Ape (begleri)
  • TikiRollerz (knuckle roller skill toy)


  • Ray Smith
  • Tyler Jorgensen - Team Captain
  • Chris Allen
  • Shannon Rifenburg
  • Will Hahn
  • Michael Goody
  • Jace Briggs

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