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Nguyen Hoang Tri Hai is x4 times Vietnam National 4A Champion and a Yoyo artist in Vietnam and International. He supporting a lot for South East Asia yoyo activities like Event and Judging yoyo contest. His nickname is "Hasu", he said in the beginning he use the nickname is Hasuke (cause he like Sasuke character in Naruto Anime), after that as he shared he want to shorten it and also the first person he look up to in yoyo is x4 times World Yoyo Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki in Japan and his name was Hai keeping the letter H and S to stand for Hiroyuki Suzuki so he decided to change his nickname to HASU, but also if you Google Translate Hasu to english its also meaning LOTUS and the lotus flower is one of the symbols of culture and traditional visual arts in Vietnam.


"Hasu" Nguyen Hoang Tri Hai

He started yoyo on December 2011 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. After 4 month of practice he attemp the first national yoyo contest of his life is VIETNAM NATIONAL YOYO CONTEST ( VNYC) he got 5th in 4A Division (Div).

Vietnam yoyo contest 2017

Hasu VNYC2017 4A Champion

After that he keep training 4A his main divsion and 1A. After 1 Year at the VNYC2013 this time he compete with his formal student in 4A final, but unluckly for him, dou to a small mistake he got back with 2nd place in 4A Div medal and a lot of tears.

Not giving up, he comeback at VNYC2014 using Neo- Solar by C3yoyodesign with all his power and hard focus, finally he can become Vietnam 4A Champion the first time leaving his student 2nd place with more than 10point gap. The iconic is he knelt down and cried after the annoucment from MC, that image later on become a funny meme in Vietnam yoyo community. For National his winning streak is 4 times continuously. From 2014 to 2017 and 2018 after World 2018 in Shanghai which he got 22th place he decided not compete at VNYC any more to give chances to more younger 4A talent of Vietnam to shine.

In 2015, he going to AP (Asia-Pacific Yo-yo Championships) also its his first internnational yoyo contest. To compete against a lot of national champion and international pro player he end-up 15th place in 4A. He sharing AP is a best Yoyo Event in Southh East Asia hhe ever join, unlucky is that thhe best he can is AP2017 4A Div 7th place. He wish he could done better in the future. Until now, after covid-19 pandemic, AP is no more been organize.


Tri Hai at VNYC 2014

December 2023, Tri Hai decided to comeback and compete his first contest after 5 years, and like VNYC2013 his competitor this time is Quoc Anh a rising 5A super star player from Vietnam and also his student in Thailand National Yoyo Contest 2023 - International Open X-Division. But this time he took home a win and become 2023TNYC - International X Divsion Champion with a proposal performace for his fiance.

And his dream is still to spread and contribute to the Vietnamese and International yoyo community so that more people know about yoyo. Also he really want to see a World Champion from Vietnam in the near future.

Signature Yo-yos[]



  • Vietnam National Yoyo Contest - 4A Division - 5th Place


  • Vietnam National Yoyo Contest - 4A Division - 2nd Place


  • Vietnam National Yoyo Contest - 4A Division - 1st Place


  • Vietnam National Yoyo Contest - 4A Division - 1st Place
  • Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Championships - 4A Division - 15th Place


  • Vietnam National Yoyo Contest - 4A Division - 1st Place
  • Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Championships - 4A Division - 12th Place


  • Vietnam National Yoyo Contest - 4A Division - 1st Place
  • Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Championships - 4A Division - 7th Place


  • Thailand National Yoyo Contest - International X Divsion - 1st Place

2024 - Now[]

  • YoyoJam Championships - X Divsion - 1st Place