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Oke Rosgana is an Indonesian yo-yo player and artist. He started yo-yoing in 2000. He was motivated by YoHans when YoHans came to Bandung Indah Plaza to perform. His first yo-yo was ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee.

In 2001, Rosgana became the national champion and won a ProYo Cold Fusion. He is also very well known in the yo-yoing community for his artwork and has worked with a number of yo-yo companies such as Buzz-On (creating an water colour painting for them), Dave's Skilltoys (artwork for shirts, the logo and special edition yo-yos) and Radiyoactive (both the pogs for the Fission and the company logo). Rosgana was also the winner of the yo-yo wiki logo contest, and his entry can be seen at the top of the yo-yo wiki sidebar. Most recently Rosgana won the Duncan design contest with his design of the 2008 ProYo and ProFly sidecaps.

In addition to his artistic skills, Rosgana is very well known in Indonesia, having appeared in a number of newspaper articles and even as a winner of their 30 seconds of fame TV show in 2005. In 2006 he toured Sudan for performances with a Sudanese milk manufacturer (who distributed yo-yos with their products), and had several television and newpaper interviews in Sudan.

Rosgana founded the Yo-Yo Indonesia (Yo-In), the Indonesian yo-yo club. He is also the pioneer of 'Yo-Yo Extracurricular' in Indonesian high schools, where he teaches yo-yoing to the Students after school.

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