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The Online Community is a virtual meeting place where people from around the world meet to exchange yo-yoing tricks, event details and information in many places on the internet. These fall into several categories: forums, blogs, video sites, IRC chat rooms and normal websites.


An online web forum is a very popular method of communicating with other yo-yoers. Most forums are run by stores, although there are some that are independent.

Major forums[]

Video sites[]

video sites are used by yo-yoers to upload videos on the Internet for instructional, Proof of concept or entertainment purposes. Many yo-yoers use Video download sites or dedicated yo-yo video site, such as YouTube or Yoyoing.com.

Video hosting sites[]

How to yo-yo Video Sites[]


A blog is a news journal written by one person or a small group of people and often provides up to date yo-yoing news.

Yo-yoing blogs[]

IRC chat rooms[]

For more immediate chat there are chat rooms where yo-yoers meet to chat. Some sites allow you to chat on their site but it is easier to use a proper IRC chat program.

Chat rooms[]

  • Server: irc.yoyoing.com Port: 7002 Room: #yo-yo
  • Server: irc.everywherechat.com Port: 6667 Rooms: #yoyonation
  • Server: irc.vbulletin-chats.com Port: 6667 or 9999 Rooms: #theyo & #yoyonation
    • Whilst there are two servers that have a yoyonation chat room the vbulletin one tends to get more visitors.

Web shows[]

A web show is like a TV show but on the internet.

Major web shows[]

String Burn LIVE! hosted by Josh Parker