Doctor Popular and his YoYoJam P213

Project 213 (P213 for short) is an innovative yo-yo design by Doctor Popular. The idea is just to create a hybrid of yo-yo and top.

Check out Sector Y for some videos with the P213. The website for the College for the Easily Amused hosted their first video, which featured the P213. Some of the old Spindox videos featured the Terror Yo. Chris Neff had also experimented with P213.

Overall, P213 is considered a novelty concept and very few have ever pursued it seriously in modern yo-yoing. However, in comparison to conventional spin top play, P213 actually offers several advantages, because the yo-yo component will allow the top to rewind the string after each trick. Whereas traditional spin tops require the user to wind up the string after every single throw, P213 can execute spin top tricks with the added bonus of being able to return to the hand like a yo-yo. P213's presentation was oriented towards the yo-yo community rather unsuccessfully, because no one wanted to have to spend time and energy putting one together. However, it would likely have a huge impact if it were introduced into the spin top community. 

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  • YO2 Delta - A hybrid yo-yo/spin top by Active People similar in concept to P213
  • Takuto.Design L2 - Yicheng Luo's second yo-yo design which had three different types of hubstacks, one of which being top caps, which can be used to spin the yo-yo like a top.
  • ProYo Stunt Pilot 3 in 1 - A celcon yo-yo produced by Playmaxx that has propeller tips on the side that makes it usable for spin top play.
  • Kusan Twin Twirler - A classic hybrid yo-yo/spin top toy and one of the inspirations for P213.
  • Cheerio Double Doozer - A wooden yo-yo by Cheerio with a special attachment for spin top play.

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