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Manufacturer Playmaxx
Release date Late 1990s
Shape Modified
Color Various
Weight 42.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 2.5"
Material Wood
Bearing size Fixed wooden axle
Response system None

The Roadster was a wooden yo-yo produced by Playmaxx. It was designed by computer to have similar playing characteristics to the ProYo and to be a good looper. The oversized 2.5" diameter was originally a manufacturing mistake, but it was kept that way, and it had slightly concave sides for more rim weight distribution. Compared to most other wooden yo-yos of the time, especially What's Next's BC line, it is a one-piece model like with the olden yo-yos such as the legendary Duncan O-Boy.

Most were sold with laser-carved graphics on unfinished wood, but a very small number were stained and finished at the factory. Some Roadsters were made with the Flores name on them, which Playmaxx had acquired the rights to use.  

The Roadster was discontinued when Duncan bought out Playmaxx in 2001.

Limited Editions

  • Flores Collective Edtion - 100 pieces
  • Flores Master Champion
  • Flores Master Champion, finished by Scarecrow - 20 pieces
  • 2000 World ProYo Championships edition
  • 2000 National Yo-Yo Contest edition
  • Bandalore Roadster - 12 pieces


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