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For the re-branded version produced by Duncan Toys, see Duncan Bumblebee.

The ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee was Playmaxx's most successful yo-yo. With its mismatched black and yellow halves (as well as black and yellow string), this yo-yo got its name from the noise that the bearing made after the user plays with the yo-yo for some time.

The TBB featured a stainless steel A-sized ball bearing and a Modified-style body shape. It was the first plastic yo-yo to use Playmaxx's patented Brake Pads, a response system using replaceable, cork-like rubber stickers in a starburst-like pattern around the area of the bearing. Originally, the Turbo Bumble Bee was to use a reverse starburst system, but this was changed to the Brake Pads known to this day.

The Bumblebee was known for being a very smooth player once the Brake Pads were broken in, that led to gaining the nickname "Butterbee" because it was considered as smooth as butter. The yo-yo was also licensed to Bandai for the Hyper Yo-Yo line and released in Japan as the ProYo Hyper Wasp.

When Duncan had bought out Playmaxx, the yo-yo was re-branded as simply the Bumblebee.