Dubbed "The Far East Chapter" by the immortal Doc Pop, this newest link in the CEA Chain is also among the most prolific. A hotbed of yo-yo activity during the late 90's boom, the scene in NC had all but perished by mid 2005, when whispers of a new yo-yo dream for the state began to filter through the online community. The club attracts yo-yoers of every skill level from all parts of NC and VA. The more advanced members are ALWAYS willing to help teach newcomers.

The NC Crew meets on alternating Sundays at the Preston Corners Caribou Coffee at 5pm.

Our charter members include: CC Mullins, David Wilmot, Andrew Kinsey, Chris Hicks, ed Haponik, Maria Loew, Charisaa ______, Samm Scott, and James Levine.

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