The First Base is Recess' first plastic yo-yo, released in 2015.


Developed as a perfect model for beginners who are stepping up to more advanced techniques, the First Base is a plastic yo-yo with a low-edged Step Round shape which promises long sleep times. First coming set for tug response with no need for special tweaks, it lets new players hit the ground running. Adjust the string, and the user is in for competition-quality plastic.

For bind-response play, the user can change out the yo-yo's narrow bearing for an included Center Trac bearing. With said Center Trac bearing, the First Base's sleep time is nearly doubled, making it more capable in the more complex tricks.

Members of Recess' player team and other players use the First Base for teaching people around the world their first yo-yo tricks.

In 2018, Recess released a version of the First Base with satin-finished fingerspin cups on its sides.


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