Recrev octave og
Manufacturer Recreational Revolution
Release date 2011
Shape Step-Round
Color Blue
Blue with Pink/Purple Splash
Teal with Silver/Black Splash
Pink with Silver/Blue Splash
Weight 68 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55.25mm
Width: 41.5mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size 2011: Size C Born Crucial Grooved Bearing 2
2013: Size C Buddha Ripple
Response system General Yo Hat Pads
The Octave by Recreational Revolution is the current signature yo-yo of Anthony Rojas.[1]


The Octave's shape is derived from a combination of two older RecRev models, the Electric Daisy and the Oscillatrix, and is reminiscent of the Turning Point Leviathan 1. Its weight is slightly above average at 68 grams. The original release of the Octave came with a concave Born Crucial Grooved Bearing 2 and Hat Pad response from General Yo.

In 2013, the Octave was re-released in three new splash-anodized colors. Slight changes were made to the length of the axle, and the bearing was changed from the Grooved Bearing 2 to a Buddha Ripple unit.


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