Richie Windsor is the owner of Airtime and YoyoZ, the primary suppliers to the UK's yo-yo community. He also hosts the UK yo-yo players forum.

Richie is the author of the instructional books "Splitting The Atom And Other Yo-yo Stuff" and "Hydrogen Bomb And Even More Yo-yo Stuff". "Splitting The Atom And Other Yo-yo Stuff" is probably the best selling yo-yo book of all time, in the height of the 1998 UK Yo-Yo craze the book made it into the top 10 best sellers list in the Times.

He was on the UK Yomega team and was one of the driving forces behind the 1998 Yo-Yo Craze in the UK.

In 1999 he organised the UK National Yo-Yo contest and he has also judged many contest including The UK national Yo-Yo Contest and Southern Regional Contest.

Long time professional juggler and performer, Richie is one of a few people to perform with yo-yos in the UK.

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