SPYY (previously known as Saturn Precision Yo-Yos) was a manufacturer of high-end return tops, based in Calgary, AB, Canada. SPYY was owned and run by Steve Buffel. SPYY officially closed shop on July 20th, 2013. In 2015, SPYY had returned, coming out with their new titanium return top, the TYY-01.

SPYY started yo-yo experiments in 2003, with the Saturn Experiment, an attempt to produce a high-end yo-yo that can handle multiple string layers (bind-style) around the axle without stopping or returning to the hand. In 2005 the first high-end consumer yo-yo was produced, the Saturn Radian and it went on sale on eBay in early 2006. The first run sold out very quickly, with a huge interest from the market.

SPYY had also worked with Save Deth productions to create the Save Deth Trainwreck and the Save Deth Trainwreck 2.

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