Sengoku is a manufacturer of high-end yo-yos based in Nagakute, Japan, started up in March 2015 by Julio Robles. The company takes its name from the Sengoku period of Japanese history, which involved an internal feud between the various samurai clans, which ended when the shogun unified Japan. Keeping this in mind, Sengoku is naming their yo-yos after the most famous samurai leaders in Japanese history.

On May 15th, 2015, Sengoku released their first yo-yo, the Nobunaga, which was first previewed on their Facebook page back in March.

On July 7th, 2015, Sengoku announced on its Facebook page that it would test the potential of Alumigo Hard, a new form of aluminum alloy that is harder than even steel S50C but not as expensive, as an industry-standard in the form of two prototype yo-yo designs, the Masamune and the Ieiasu.

On July 15th, the Yo-Yo Store Rewind player team visited the Sengoku factory to see the production of the Masamune.[1] On August 5th, Sengoku previewed four anodized prototypes of the Masamune on their Twitter page. [2]

On August 10th, 2015, Sengoku updated their Twitter page with a preview of the Hideyoshi yo-yo, revealing that it would be the first "tri-metal" yo-yo, as the Hideyoshi is made of not one or two, but three different metals; a 7075 aluminum body with stainless steel rings on the outer rims, and brass rings on the inner lips on the sides.[3]

On November 13th, 2015, Sengoku released the first production run of the Masamune, of which only 10 units were made.

On December 11th, 2015, the company released the production model of their tri-metal Hideyoshi.

In January 2016, Sengoku announced the release of the Kenshin in March 2016.

In April 2017, Sengoku introduced a new sub-brand, Elemental, marked by the release of the Cold Fire yo-yo.

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