Seth Peterson is co-founder of SaveDeth along with Dave Poyzer. Seth was a member of Duncan Crew World-Wide.

Career in the Industry

Seth Peterson has worked for several yo-yo companies in a variety of capacities.

While a member of the Duncan Crew, he was part of Duncan Toys' "80 Years 1 World" Tour (2009) on the North American leg of the tour. He served as both a demonstrator and tour manager for a portion. From Duncan Toys, Seth went on to be the Team Manager and Project Manager for CLYW Inc. He helped with brand marketing and product development along with blogging and media responsibilities. In the summer of 2011 he then moved on to work with YoYoFactory on their Tony Hawk promotion. From this, he was hired full time at their Arizona headquarters and worked in several roles including Team and Communications Manager. As of October 2013 he is no longer an employee of YoYoFactory.



  • Iowa States Coordinator/Judge
  • Mid West Regionals Y Division - 3rd Place
  • Worlds 5A Division - 8th Place
  • Nationals 5A Division - 2nd Place


  • Minnesota States Y Division - 3rd Place
  • State/Regional/National/World Judge


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