Techno 2
Manufacturer Shinwoo
Release date 2010
Shape H-Profile
Color Various
Weight 62.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56.6mm
Width: 38.4mm
Material Plastic with internal metal weights
Bearing size Size C
Response system Shinwoo Reversible Response Pads (Large Slim)
The Techno 2 by Shinwoo is the successor to the original Techno, released in 2010. It is a much more modern yo-yo, with a rounded, H-shaped body profile, a large C-bearing, Shinwoo's reversible response pads, and of course, internal metal weight rings like in the original Techno. String tricks of all difficulties can be performed with this yo-yo, even the easy ones.

Yomega Crossfire (2012)

Not to be confused for the original Crossfire

Crossfire (2012)
Manufacturer Yomega
Release date 2012
Shape H-Profile
Color Red
Purple (Freeze Wyvern)
Weight 63 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56.7mm
Width: 38.73mm
String Gap Width: 3mm
Material Plastic with internal metal weights
Bearing size Size C
Response system Yomega Silicone Pads (Large Slim)
The Crossfire, released in 2012 by Yomega, is an American adaptation of the Techno 2. The specifications are similar, but the Crossfire is constructed a bit differently than the original Techno 2. While it has internal metal weights, an H-shaped profile, and a C-bearing, it also has metal bearing spacers (in the place of the molded bearing seats), and Yomega Silicone Pads. It was also licensed for Bandai's Hyper Yo-Yo range as the Freeze Wyvern (Japanese: フリーズワイバーン).


Small Bearing Mod

Okay, so I got the idea to put a smaller bearing in the Crossfire to see what effect it may have on its performance. I initially went for an A-sized bearing and spacers from a Duncan Pro Z, but the string would get caught in the grooves formed by the spacers and the sides of the bearing. This leads to using the bearing and spacers of the Raider. It did the trick, as the Raider used cover-type spacers, which served to keep the string on the bearing. As a side effect, it made the string gap much narrower, making it tug-responsive. In terms of response pads, I initially used the stock silicone pads, but when I threw it down, it was wobbling as it spun on the end of the string, so I changed out one of the pads for one of pads on my YoYoFactory ONE. It reduced the wobbles when I threw it down. Steps to performing the mod;

  1. Screw the Crossfire apart.
  2. Unscrew the axle thread, and then remove the C-bearing and spacers.
  3. Screw the axle thread back into the yo-yo.
  4. Replace one of the stock response pads with another non-brand pad. (NOTE: It has to be of the Large Slim/19mm OD size!)
  5. Put the Raider bearing and spacers onto the axle thread, string up the yo-yo, and screw it back together. (NOTE: As I've said earlier, this will make the string gap narrower to make it tug-responsive)
  6. Do a test throw, and if it's not to your liking, you may have to do some tinkering, and that part is up to you. Improvise and experiment!

This modification is devised by AlexKenderYo.



Techno 2

Yomega Crossfire

Yomega Freeze Wyvern

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