Sky Bind
Trick also known as N/A
Type of Trick Sidestyle
Invented by Unknown
Difficulty RedStarRedStarRedStarGreyStarGreyStar


The Sky Bind is a yo-yo trick and a sidestyle variation of the bind.


  • Step 1: Start with a sideways throw like a breakaway and let the yo-yo sleep
  • Step 2: Position your free hand index (or as many fingers as you want to use) on the right-hand side of the string
  • Step 3: Quickly move your free hand to the left and slightly upward, which will cause the yo-yo to move up and hit the string between your two index fingers. Direct the yo-yo to hit the string fairly close to your throwing hand.
  • Step 4: As soon as the yo-yo hits the string, let go of the loop on your free hand index finger, letting it swing into the gap of the yo-yo, causing the yo-yo to bind and return down to your hand.
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