The Eclipse by Spintastics was a string trick yo-yo first released in 2002.

It features an innovative modular weight ring system, with two sets of brass rings and one set of rubber rings. Using the weight rings, the user can set the yo-yo's weight to his or her own personal preferences. If all three sets of weight rings (two on the outside, and the other four for the inside) are equipped at a time, the yo-yo weighs in at a heavy 84 grams.

The response system was two Duncan friction stickers overlapping starbursts. Spintastics never released a response pad of their own, so they received permission from Duncan Toys to use them in their yo-yos, but not to sell replacement stickers individually. The player can adjust the responsiveness by adding or removing any of the friction stickers, to use friction stickers only, starbursts only, or one sticker and one starburst for low-responsive play.

The Eclipse was a popular yo-yo for a time, and had its own signature series variant for Doctor Popular called the Hesitator, of which only 40 were distributed. Also released was the Solar Eclipse, a glow-in-the-dark variant that weighs more than the original at 91 grams, with all weight rings equipped.

It was finally discontinued in September 2004 due to production difficulties with the side caps, and a final run of 250 Eclipse yo-yos came with a new side cap design.


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