YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer Spintastics
Release date 2002-2003
Shape Bulge Face/Butterfly
Color Custom
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 57.7mm
Width: 41.1mm
Material Plastic with aluminum weight rings
Bearing size Size B
Response system Starburst

The Hesitator by Spintastics is a signature series version of the Eclipse for Doctor Popular. The Hesitator is different from the standard model, where the outer metal weight rings were aluminum and not brass, making the yo-yo much lighter in weight.

Each Hesitator was also painstakingly hand painted by Doctor Popular himself and had custom pog art. Fifty-five yo-yos were produced. Fifteen of the Hesitators were destroyed because they didn't live up to DocPop's standards. Only the remaining 40 yo-yos were distributed.