The Technic by Spintastics is a fixed axle yo-yo with hard plastic halves, wooden axle sleeve and starburst response, designed by former Duncan yo-yo professional and U.S. National Grand Master Dale Oliver, and was first released in the Summer of 1995.

The halves can be screwed apart to replace the axle sleeve, the string, or to straighten out tangles. The fact that the axle nuts and the threaded rod are all made of steel, makes the Technic a very sturdily-built yo-yo that can be unscrewed many, many times without it really wearing out.

Before Dale Oliver had founded Spintastics, the Technic was originally marketed as the Technic Terminator. However, "Terminator" was soon removed from the naming for legal reasons.

Because of the easy removal of the side pogs and the yo-yo's low price, Technics are very customizable for both players and advertising purposes. Many players and companies have used theis yo-yo for those purposes.

Even to this day, the Technic is renowned by some players as an ideal yo-yo for looping, as well as for beginning players.


  • Certain yo-yos by Duncan use wooden axle sleeves of a similar size to that of the Technic, or maybe even the same size.


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