Split the Atom is one of the earliest string tricks created. Originally it was done on relatively responsive yo-yo so it was traditionally finished with a loop. Because of its age, it is probably also the trick with the largest number of variations.

2005 World Yo-Yo Contest version

  1. Start with a split bottom mount.
  2. Do a forward underpass with your non-yo hand.
  3. Do a reverse underpass with your yo-hand, making sure the yo-yo only goes onto the second string on your index finger (the string that is not directly attached to the finger loop).
  4. You should now be in a frontstyle double or nothing.
  5. Do three somersaults.
  6. Drop the second string loop of the index finger of your yo-hand.
  7. You are now in an under mount.
  8. Dismount however you wish.

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