Manufacturer Sturm Panzer
Release date 2015
Shape Step Round
Color Red
Weight 61.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53.66mm
Width: 42.56mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size D Concave
Response system Sturm Panzer Blade Attack Pads
The D-Starter is a yo-yo released in 2015 by Sturm Panzer.


Real life

The D-Starter, designed by Mr. Susukino, is developed to be a low-cost model that is more easily accessible than anything else in the line-up, but could still perform at an advanced level straight out of the box.

What made it much less expensive than the other models, is that it is made with no brass weight rings on the rims, just a 6061 aluminum body made in a Step Round shape. It features a small concave D-bearing for maximum spin times, along with silicone Blade Attack Pad response. The D-Starter is also compatible with YoYoJam Lateral Caps, so that when the user equips them, he/she could perform finger spin tricks with it.

Sturm Panzer manga

The Schneider was heavily damaged in the battle against Ryosuke Shiozome. Despite the Schneider being a heavyweight weapon, it could not stand against the power of Shiozome's yo-yo. The hypothesis behind it is that the smaller size of the yo-yo, as well as the bearing, are the secrets to its destructive power.

Back at the Marshall Islands, while performing repairs and upgrades on the Schneider, they began to explore this hypothesis, and came across an amazing design they codenamed the D-Starter, the perfect weapon for mass deployment.


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