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The Super Yo-Yo Super Advanced is a model of yo-yo in Megcorp's Super Yo-Yo toyline, released in 2009.


The Super Advanced-level yo-yo is an auto-return yo-yo with a metal bearing, modified body shape, and LED lights that activate as the yo-yo spins. Like with any auto-return yo-yo, when it loses spin, the o-ring on the axle activates the clutch, making the yo-yo automatically return to your hand. These yo-yos come in fiery red, clear, and blue, and are named the "Fire Star" (Depicts the ''Super Yo-Yo'' protagonist Shunichi Domoto) and "Stealth Raider" (Depicts the rival character, Seito Hojoin). Despite being called "Super Advanced" yo-yos, these are best suited for beginners, due to their auto-return mechanism.


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  • The Stealth Raider name was also used by the Yomega Stealth Raider from the original late-1990s Hyper Yo-Yo line.
  • The Super Advanced-level Stealth Raider, in spite of this, is not related to the Yomega Stealth Raider.


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