TMBR Baldwin.jpg
Manufacturer TMBR
Release date Original: 2012/2013
Current: 2015
Shape Step Round
Color Various, depending on wood
Weight Varies by material
Dimensions Diameter: 2.25"
Width: 1.33"
Material Wood
Bearing size Original: Fixed wooden axle
2015: TMBR Reversible Woodthread Axle
Response system Wood Friction

The Baldwin by TMBR, a simple, nostalgic childhood toy, with the potential to be so much more. TMBR strives to create, produce, and distribute high quality toys that exceed expectations people have about wood toys such as the Baldwin. Featuring a Butterfly profile, with a smaller diameter and an interior step, the yo-yo is effective for stalls and regens. The most distinctive feature of the yo-yo is its inlaid "Dado Caps", which is not only good for looks, but also provides a visual indication of rotational speed for stalls. Originally, the Baldwin used a fixed wooden axle, but the 2015 release featured TMBR's Reversible Woodthread Axle system, allowing the user to change between a Butterfly and an Imperial profile. 

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