Manufacturer TMBR
Release date Original: November 13th, 2011
Wood Thread Axle Version: 2015
Shape Butterfly
Color Various, depending on wood
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 2 3/8"
Width: 1 1/8"
Material Wood
Bearing size Original: Fixed wooden axle
2015: TMBR Reversible Woodthread Axle
Response system Original: Holes
2015: None

The Fremont is TMBR's second yo-yo product. It was first released in November 2011.


Perfected after extensive trial and error on the part of Colin Leland, the Fremont is constructed in the same way as the earlier Irving, except with a more classic Butterfly shape. Of course, it has the same dimpled response system as the Irving, as well as a take-apart design and a replaceable wooden axle.

In 2015, the Irving was re-released with TMBR's Reversible Woodthread Axle system to provide an adjustable body shape. Its physical measurements and overall shape remained the same from the older version.




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