The Irving is a yo-yo first released by TMBR in 2011. It is the company's first ever yo-yo product.


TMBR Toys “strives to create, produce, and distribute high quality toys that exceed expectations people have about wood toys."

The Irving is a modernized twist on the classic wooden yo-yo, featuring a tapered string gap, a flat-rimmed body profile, and a through hole on one side for knots. It is slightly oversized for longer spin times, and is a great yo-yo for people wanting to use a non-bearing yo-yo to hone their skills to perfection with. 

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, the Irving's body is made of maple wood with a walnut fixed axle.

Primarily, maple wood is the material used in the body, but some limited variations of the Irving were made from exotic woods such as purpleheart, padauk, and even zebra wood. Some examples were produced in TMBR's multi-colored "Multi-Ply" construction.


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