Manufacturer Takuto.Design
Release date 2006/2007
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 60 grams
Dimensions Width: 42.5mm
Diameter: 54mm
Material Aluminium
Bearing size Size D
Response system Silicone O-Ring

The L2 is the successor to the well-known Hurricane. Due to the Hurricane having a short sleeping time, the width of the L2 has been reduced to 42.5mm and more rim weight has been added.

The shape of the yo-yo is very suitable for performing horizontal tricks, because of the body's very high camber, the friction between the string and the body would be reduced. The axle hub of this yo-yo is one big selling point, because you can add three extra accessories on the hubs. The first one is the "top caps", it allows the yo-yo to be spun like a spin top. The second accessory is the "side bearing caps", which allow the user to perform Matador-style tricks like with the AnY Miroc, just simply install a bearing on each hub and add a cap above each one. The third one has the same function as side bearing caps, except it is open-shielded with surrounding grooves for better grip. Even without the accessories, the yo-yo can still spun like a top by grabbing both sharp points on the axle hub with two fingers and turning the yo-yo on the side, changing the plane of axis.

The finish on the L2 is designed to make grind tricks easier, along with a thickened axle to prevent wobbling and vibrations while it spins.

Initially, this yo-yo was named after the first letter of Yicheng Luo's last name, L. After all, the finalized name of this yo-yo is L2.

Thirty prototype L2 Version 0's were made and  distributed exclusively at the 2006 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Contest.

In March 2007, fifty final type L2's were made with laser-engraved serial numbers on them, and were available in China.


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