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Team High Performance (THP for short) was a group of yo-yo players originally founded in Honolulu, Hawaii by Alan Nagao at his store, High Performance Kites. It was originally a stunt kite team during the early 1990s, before moving to yo-yos sometime in 1996 for the yo-yo boom.

Many talented players like Alex Garcia, Sky Kiyabu and Alan Batangan emerged, bringing a new wave of popularity and fast flashy yo-yo tricks. Its members toured the world, promoting yo-yos in many places (The United States of America, Great Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Korea, and especially Japan), and even picking up new members not from Hawaii. Team High Performance's members were identified for their teal shirts, and were sometimes referred to as the "Teal Army" by others.

They had also worked with Yomega and Bandai to promote the Hyper Yo-Yo line in several countries.

THP eventually spawned an off-shoot called THP Japan, which would play a major part in Bandai's Hyper Yo-Yo promotions in Japan.

In the Spring of 2010, a reunion was held for some of the former team's members, at the Ward Warehouse Amphitheater in Honolulu, Hawaii. Alan Nagao, the founder of Team High Performance, and his sons were among the attendees.

Team High Performance kite team (pre-yo-yo boom)

  • Alan Nagao
  • Scott Aughenbaugh
  • Alan Guillen
  • Burt Sumida
  • Brian Hirose

Founding Members (surnames in alphabetical order)

Later Members

Adult Members

Kansas Members

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Los Angeles Members

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