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Team Hyper Viper (THV for short) was a two-man sponsor team consisting of Dave "Dazzling Dave" Schulte and Jon Gates, formed by Bandai to promote the Henrys Hyper Viper yo-yo and the offstring playing style in Japan. While they went with other teams, such as Team High Performance, to demonstrate most yo-yo tricks of the time, Schulte and Gates had also demonstrated offstring play using the Hyper Viper.

The tricks shown at THV's demonstrations were showcased and discussed in the widely-circulated CoroCoro Comic manga magazine, contributing significantly to the spread of offstring play throughout Japan. The style's new found popularity had also lead to the forming of Team Off-String, a group of Japanese players dedicated to the advancement of offstring play, of which Hironori Mii was the founder.

There was also a fictitious version of Team Hyper Viper featured in episode 18 of the Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo anime adaptation. At one point in a flashback scene, Nakamura-Meijin goes to Germany and witnesses the adaptability of the Hyper Viper yo-yo for looping and string play. After demonstrating his skills to a kid using the yo-yo, the three members of Team Hyper Viper come along and give Nakamura a demonstration of their own, showcasing the Hyper Viper's capabilities in offstring play to his amazement.

Tricks Invented

  • Forward Pass Mount
  • Offstring Barrel Roll
  • Toss & Catch
  • Offstring Winder
  • Offstring Rock the Baby
  • Offstring Elevator
  • Brain Twister Mount
  • Offstring Split the Atom
  • Bounce Catch
  • Shoot the Moon Mount
  • Lasso Catch
  • Leg Orbit


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