Team Losi is not a yo-yo team, but a company that primarily manufactured R/C (remote control) vehicles. In 1998, they hired Steve Brown to design a line of yo-yos for them, to try to capitalise on the popularity of yo-yos at the time.

Their first releases, initially under the brand of "Revolution Yo-Yos" and later their own brand, were the Da Bomb (modified shape) and Cherry Bomb (butterfly shape). Later, the Grim Sleeper was added. These would eventually be released in two special versions: the A-line (using harder heavier plastic) and the Silver Series (chrome plated). The harder chrome finish of the Silver Series helped remedy the common complaint of the starbursts wearing down too quickly because of the soft plastic used.

All of the Team Losi yo-yos were also offered in collectable black versions, short-packed one per case to limit availability. The Silver Series featured short-packed Gold versions.

Team Losi also provided two yo-yo designs to Variflex and Steve for Variflex's yo-yo instructional video.

Steve left Team Losi in 1999 for Duncan, after problems relating to Variflex. Team Losi's yo-yo line was sold in 2001 and was discontinued at that time.

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