The Cherry Bomb was a yo-yo produced by Team Losi during the 1990s yo-yo boom. It is the Butterfly-shaped counterpart to the Da Bomb/Grim Sleeper. One of Steve Brown's original designs prior to the advent of the legendary Freehand, the red-colored Cherry Bomb features a teflon-sealed ABEC-3 bearing for long spinning, a twist-adjustable string gap, and starburst response. It also comes included with a set of removable weight rings for adjusting the weight for the user's personal preferences, allowing for a degree of customization like on Team Losi's R/C model cars.

However, it is rather infamous for the longevity of the starbursts, which wear out too quickly from extensive usage due to the softness of ABS plastic used in the yo-yo's construction. But nowadays, this wouldn't be too much of a problem, considering the types of response pad options available on the market. 

Asides from the original version, the Cherry Bomb was also released in A-Line colors, which also include a wooden axle sleeve, along with a Tru-Chrome version in the Silver Series. Among the regular red models are rare, short-packed black Cherry Bombs.


  • Steve Brown had used a prototype Silver Series Cherry Bomb to win the 1999 Bay Area Classic. He had also used the yo-yo for his very first 5A freestyle.
    • As a matter of fact, the Cherry Bomb was the very yo-yo with which the 5A style was created.


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