The Da Bomb was released during the last yo-yo boom (late 1990s) by Team Losi, it originally came in a bright yellow color with black side caps. It was designed by Steve Brown. Later editions featured a purple "Grim Sleeper" edition, as well as a Silver Series release. Blue, green and metallic gray A-line editions were also released. Later production runs of the Da Bomb featured a black version, which is short-packed one per case as a collector's item. The Silver Series also featured short-packed Gold versions.

Generally, the yo-yo features starburst response and an ABEC-3 bearing (in the same size as used by the Yomega Raider and Spintastics Tornado), along with an adjustable string gap. The Team Losi Speed Rings can be added to the yo-yo, increasing the weight for longer sleeping. A-Line edition Da Bombs also come included with a wooden axle sleeve, so that the user could get that classic nostalgic feeling like on an old-fashioned yo-yo when it is equipped.

In terms of modern yo-yo playing, the Da Bomb is useful as a beginning 1A yo-yo or as a 2A-style yo-yo. The adjustable string gap allows easy tuning on the fly (as opposed to the Raider mod, which has a very high chance of breakage if done incorrectly), allowing the user to quickly set and maintain the necessary gap width for effective looping.

Unfortunately, the axle hub on the standard Da Bomb had a tendency to crack easily due to stress. As such, the yo-yo tends to not be very durable, leading Team Losi to distribute Rebuild Kits and extra body halves. This durability issue was remedied in the later releases of the Da Bomb, which used a longer-lasting plastic.


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