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This template is for the Tricks infobox. To use this template, you copy and paste it onto your page and replace the descriptions after the Equals sign with the appropriate info):

{{Infobox Tricks | name = Eiffel Tower
| Image = EiffelTower.JPG
| Image_Caption = Eiffel Tower
| Trick also known as = Tokyo Tower
| Type of Trick = Picture
| difficulty = 2
| youtube = http://www.youtube.com/id=qwerty
| yoyoingcom = http://www.yoyoing.com/beginner/entry2.php?tid=37
| mastermagic = http://www.mastermagic.net/TrickVideo/Intermediate/Frames/DoubleOrNothing.html
| other = http://otherwebsite.orc/...
| Invented by = Unknown}}

Other templates used in trick descriptions are:

To use them, just add the following to your page:

{{TrickHead|desc=How to do the Double GT|comment=Here's how it's done:}}
|comment=Step 1: Start with a [[Wrist Mount|this mount]].}}
|comment=Step 2: Drop everything from your free hand.}}

You can repeat the TrickStep as often as you need.

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