The Lucha Libre by Throw Down originally started out as a prototype delrin version of the popular Luchador, until it was decided that it would become its own separate production model. The earlier pre-release version featured a thick, Dif-e-Yo-style axle. The finalized version of the Lucha Libre used an overly complex axle system that featured spiked hex nuts, metal shims, and thin walls around the bearing seats.

Unfortunately, this axle system caused severe breakage problems, and at least 90% of the yo-yos in the first and only production run broke down over the span of a few weeks. Throw Down's owner, Nate Weddler, promised to replace and refund any and all of the broken Lucha Libres. As a result of the yo-yo's costly and disastrous failure, Throw Down folded.


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