Throw_Yo is a yo-yo company formed in 2005 that has a very different vision for their products: instead of focussing on the normal retail market, the company aims to cater for the street, cutting-edge fashion, art and music cultures. Their products are to be sold in boutiques, with only a limited number of items made available to the general yo-yo retailers.

Involved in this venture are Baron Davis of the Golden State Warriors (professional NBA team), Coodie and Chike of A Band Apart (directors of two of Kanye West's music videos) and Dave Bazan of Buzz-On.

Throw_Yo entered the market in late 2005 with the sponsorship of the US National Contest. Their first yo-yo, the Throw_Yo ThrowMan was released in early 2006, with 350 items (numbered and signed by Dave Bazan) released to the general yo-yo community.

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