Manufacturer Tom Kuhn/Chico Yo-Yo Company
Release date 2014
Shape Inverse Round
Color Raw Silver
Cobalt Mandala Edition: Cobalt Matte with laser-engraved Mandala rims
Weight 64.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57.07mm
Width: 43.62mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Unresponsive Play: Size C Groove
Response Play: Size C- Narrow
Response system CYYC Silicone Pads (Large Slim)
The SB-4 is a yo-yo produced in collaboration by Tom Kuhn and CYYC, first released in 2014.


The forth yo-yo to carry the Silver Bullet name, the SB-4 is a more modern and competitive yo-yo than its predecessors, while still retaining the smooth curves that the SB series is known for. It features a flared, Inverse Round profile machined out of aluminum designed for incredible stability at even low RPM's, with silicone pad response from CYYC, and a large, grooved C-bearing for unresponsive play. It also comes included with a shorter extra axle, so that the player could switch to a narrower C-bearing for responsive play.

Also released in 2015, is a limited edition Cobalt Mandala version of the SB-4, exclusively on the Tom Kuhn official website. This edition is finished in a matte-anodized cobalt blue with Mandala-style laser engravings on the rims. From March 27th, 2015, all purchases of the Cobalt Mandala SB-4 on the site would have the buyers receiving a free No Jive Mandala 6.1, limited to 30 sets. The sets have since shipped in May 2015.


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